Build Your Resume: 101

Rishi23root- 15-03-2024


What is BYR?

Imagine a frustrated developer tired of wrestling with complicated resume tools, only to find them convoluted and incompatible with modern recruitment systems. Some are great but too costly for students (especially freshmen), while others offer no good templates. That frustration fueled the inception of BYR. Inspired by platforms like JSON Resume and local template repositories, yet driven by the need for simplicity and ATS compatibility with AI recommendations, for us, the community provides the best templates or allows you to build your own and join. The primary goal is ease in building resumes and other LaTeX-based documents.

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  • Power of LaTeX
  • Fully open-source
  • Relatively free for students
  • Easy to use
  • ATS friendly
  • AI recommendation
  • Great templates
  • Community-driven

Why I Started Working on It

I was working with LaTeX and trying to automate the templates. Everyone has their own opinion of a good resume; mine is simple, easily readable, and ATS-friendly.

So, I wanted to build resumes using LaTeX over Overleaf. There was too much LaTeX to understand, and I wasn't into it. I aimed to create a resume once and convert it into any resume template I want, which is only possible with JSON RESUME. So, I dove deep into it.

Why Not Use Existing Tools?

  • I did find some online resources, but they were not free and also not very effective for students and freshers.
  • On our platform, we only request enough to keep the server running.
  • Fully open source, so you can also contribute to the project.
  • 100% free, run locally with your keys and server.

Some Good Tools

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Enter LaTeX – a double-edged sword of formatting prowess and complexity. While it offered unparalleled design capabilities, its steep learning curve, and ATS incompatibility posed significant challenges. Undeterred, the creator embarked on a mission to automate LaTeX templates, making them accessible and ATS-friendly for all.

In Conclusion

BYR simplifies the art of resume crafting or any other LaTeX-based template ex - filling out (billing receipt), empowering individuals to put their best foot forward in the competitive job market. contact for more information: Loading please wait

  • Open Source Contribution:

    Dive into the open-source party! Contribute to our project and help us make resume building even more awesome. Here's how you can get involved: Follow the steps to join Loading please wait

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